Stacking Expertise.

Stacking past, present and future expertise helps solve problems, lead efficient projects, learn effectively and collaborate productively.

Create Account Login is a platform to acquire experiences which helps in improving learning, decision making and problem solving.

Crowdsource Solutions

Crowdsource solutions from within or outside your organization. A good solution/answer to a problem can be featured, and it's available for every one in your organization to refer to. This helps you build a knowledgebase for your self and your organization.

Visualization of Answers

For each question/problem the answers are displayed in a graph, visualizing the relationship between answers. The visualization of answers helps user discover similar/complementary answers, which provides a comprehensive solution to a particular problem.

Structured Learning

Answers provide a way for unstructured learning, this unstructured learning can be converted to structured learning. Answers can be collated to create lessons, these lessons can now be part of structured coursework. This provides a unique blend of both structured and unstructured learning